Wild Buddies looks fun; maybe too much fun

These sites are all equally terrible because they are basically the same site just with a different name and color scheme. If you have been on one you been on them all. Sometimes this is a good thing and can help you meet a lot more people. In this case, it just means you are wasting more time.

There are so many fake profiles

If you spend a little time just looking around it becomes pretty obvious that it is impossible to tell if there are any real women using this site. There are so many fake profiles that are so obvious it’s not even funny.

Legit sites don’t need fake profiles. This is obviously just an attempt to trick you into signing up for a paid membership.

You automatically begin receiving fake messages

Right when you signup the fake messages start flooding in. They are so obviously computer-generated that I don’t know how someone could really fall for it. There are some lonely guys out there so it must work.

If you have a completely empty profile and receive multiple messages from very attractive women you need to avoid that site.

At this point, you need to just run away as fast as you can from Wild Buddies and try out one of the hookup apps and site that actually work. We recommend AFF as a great start. Anything to get away from Wild Buddies is a step in the right direction though.

Did you know, according to government statistics, the majority of Americans adult are single? That means, if you’ve been struggling to find a date, the problem isn’t that there’s nobody out there for you. The problem is you aren’t looking in the right place.

So, where do you look? Well, you can try going out every night, spending twenty bucks on drinks and rejections. Alternatively, you can strike up a conversation with a stranger in your local park or at the grocery store, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Better yet, you can go online like tens of millions of other people do every year. Online dating grows more popular with every passing year, and with that popularity comes greater success. Even penguins are using it!

On first impressions, WildBuddies appeared to be a welcoming place to find a date. On their front page, before I signed up, there was a happy couple embracing in laughter. The tagline read, “Flirty buddies have fun inside!” Their logo was a splatter of orange paint and goofy lettering that emphasized the WILD . It looked like it could be fun; hopefully the kind you’re looking for.

To be honest, the logo reminded me a bit of a Nickelodeon game show from the nineties, where kids competed to throw brightly colored goop at each other. That, along with the word “Buddies” in the name gave the site’s initial vibe a kind of juvenile feel. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, but it did seem a bit odd. What message was the site trying to send with their design?

Of course, first impressions aren’t everything, especially in dating. But anyone who tells you they don’t matter at all is wrong. https://hookupdate.net/tr/biker-planet-inceleme/ If a site looks weird, well then it’s probably a little bit weird.

If you really want to get wild go with AFF

WildBuddies isn’t the worst site around but it is pretty close to the bottom. We hate to break it to you so early but you probably don’t want to be using this app if you actually want to meet any women. For that, you are much better off using our favorite AFF.

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